Retail Stores

Whirlwind is the perfect choice for metal retail and business space by easily fitting into your budget, and often can save you money by coming in under the costs of traditional buildings. Plus, your customers will never realize that they are even in a metal building.


These centers include innovative designs that can easily fit any lot, including irregularly shaped land and offer an array of color options along with decorative brick, stone or stucco paneling that can be included with your custom design. Fascias and parapets serve to hide the roof line and display signage while the structure can support non-metal wall systems.


Major dealerships are adopting metal building systems more and more for their cost conscience material and strong, structural designs, in addition to a modernized, custom look.


Choosing a metal building for your business park may be the best decision when it comes to cost effectiveness and time constraints. With quicker erection time and lower labor costs your park can be up and running in a timely fashion.

Whirlwind Steel can make sure you do retail the right way, with over 65 years of building system experience.

What our customers say:

“The customer service and personal touch from everyone has been a refreshing experience. Plus, a quality product that will maintain the quality our customers have grown to expect.”