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Our Core Values

At the heart of all that we do is to provide a building experience and focus on relationship that’s second to none, so we’ve developed our business around six core values that help us live up to our mission — to build for life.


Relationships with Mutual Respect


Act with Purpose


Passion for Life


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Dedication to Excellence


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Our History

Family owned and operated since 1955, Whirlwind Steel is proud to have served the needs of contractors, builders, architects, businesses, governmental organizations, and consumers. Our discerning customers have turned to Whirlwind Steel with confidence for pre-engineered metal buildings and components including panels, primary and secondary structural framing, roofing, solar racks plus a full line of metal building accessories and trims. Both welded and cold-form steel framing is done by fully trained professionals and our quality control team is the best in the industry. Now is the time for you to find out why so many people have trusted Whirlwind Steel with their most important projects for so long.

Early Years

Whirlwind Manufacturing Inc was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1955 by the Sturdivant family. Originally a manufacturer of whole-house attic fans, by 1961 Whirlwind had expanded into the manufacture and sale of metal building components, including panels, secondary structural framing, and trim. In 1966, seeing the growing demand for metal buildings, The Sturdivant family hired their first structural engineer to begin the design, manufacture, and selling of pre-engineered building systems in addition to the component parts. The addition of professional draftsmen and experienced customer service representatives added to the consistently increasing quality of the products produced by Whirlwind Steel.


Today, father and son Jack and Ty Sturdivant work closely together and are leading the company into the future. With two 250,000 square foot manufacturing facilities – the original plant in Houston and a second in Tallapoosa, Georgia – Whirlwind Steel continues to be an industry leader. Over 200,000 buildings and projects can be found in every US state as well as other countries. We are proud of our legacy and encourage you to call us and discuss your next project today.


8234 Hansen Road
Houston, TX 77075
TF: 800-324-9992
Fax: 832-553-4992

125 Pequanoc Dr.
Tallapoosa, GA 30176
TF: 800-363-8142

Equipment & Capabilities

Since 1955, Whirlwind Steel offers you the best manufacturing technology available to deliver world-class metal buildings and components. Whirlwind has invested over $10 million in plant and equipment upgrades to ensure outstanding quality for all of your projects.


Starting with our primary manufacturing plant in Texas and extending to our facility in Georgia. Whirlwind Steel has a combined total of almost 500,000 -square feet of manufacturing capacity turning out over 100,000,000 pounds of exceptional steel products every year.

Quality Control

Quality Control is an important aspect of any production process, and here at Whirlwind Steel we take it seriously.  To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we employ a group of fully qualified Quality Technicians on all production shifts.  This helps us to maintain high standards of quality and safety throughout the production process.  The Quality Technicians also help to identify any potential issues or weaknesses in the production process and are able to make sure these potential issues are addressed quickly.  By doing this, Whirlwind Steel can provide its customers with products that meet their expectations and requirements in a timely manner.


Professional Certifications:

  • ASNT ACCP Level II Visual Inspector and Optical Testing
  • ASNT NDT Level II & Level III UTSW

Our Quality Managers are subject matter experts who are responsible for the quality assurance and improvement of Whirlwind Steel’s products and services.  They are certified as AWS CWI (American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector) which is a globally recognized certification in the welding industry.  Our Quality Managers ensure that all products and services meet customer requirements and industry standards through rigorous testing, inspection, and other quality control measures.  They also develop plans to improve product/service quality, monitor performance metrics to ensure that goals are being met, and have the know-how to troubleshoot any problems that arise.  Our Quality Managers play a key role in ensuring that our customers receive high quality products and services from Whirlwind Steel.

Quality Statement:

Building quality products is important for Whirlwind Steel, and our quality policies play a significant role in ensuring that our customers receive their products right the first time.  Whirlwind Steel’s commitment to our customers ensures that we are maintaining high standards of quality in all our operations.  Instilling a quality-based environment also helps build profitable relationships with customers, improve quality, cut costs, and help drive continuous improvement in products and services.  A well-defined and implemented Quality Program will ensure reliable risk management, develop quality systems that are aligned with customers’ needs, establish objectives to achieve desired levels of product and service performance, foster innovation, and motivate employees to strive for excellence.


You can be confident and trust in the certified components manufactured by Whirlwind Steel.  More than 40,000 of our steel buildings are standing strong across the country and around the world.


Every steel part we manufacture is fabricated to exceed the regulations set by the governing bodies and organizations certifying metal building components.


We are proud of our dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

Click on any logo below to learn more.

FM approved logo

FM approvals certify products and services with a unique focus on objectively testing property loss prevention products and services, and certifying those that meet rigorous loss prevention standards.

MBMA- Metal Building Manufacturers Association logo

MBMA and its manufacturing members have worked together as partners to further its mission: to conduct research, to help advance building codes and standards, and to educate the construction community. Our passion is to support a strong, sustainable metal building systems industry that meets the needs of owners and overall society.

AWS- American Welding Society Logo

The AWS mission is to advance the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes worldwide, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying.

UL- Logo

UL Certification- Our steel parts are UL-listed, meaning they conform to the highest standards of quality, technical integrity, and performance.

Department of Business & Professional Regulation logo

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the agency charged with licensing and regulating businesses and professionals in the State of Florida.

Texas Department of Insurance logo

The Texas Department of Insurance regulates the state’s insurance industry, oversees the administration of the Texas workers’ compensation system, performs the duties of the State Fire Marshal’s Office, and provides administrative support to the office of injured employee counsel - a separate agency.


Why Whirlwind Steel


Because each building is custom engineered to meet specific requirements, you avoid waste while maximizing cost efficiency.


Intended to last decades, metal buildings meet the strictest construction standards. Whirlwind products are tested for hail impact, fire, wind driven rain, snow loads and high velocity winds.


With 400+ staff of professional experience that have delivered over 15,000 buildings, you can expect the most efficient, attractive and economical solution for your next project.


We are committed to providing safe, sound and serviceable structures by using our in-house team of highly trained engineering and drafting professionals.


You can expect a building fabricated to the highest industry standards. We undergo an annual and stringent accreditation process for metal building manufacturers by the IAS.


Your building will be carefully loaded, secured and shipped to the job site in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Start construction with a complete order delivered on time to your job site.

Steel &
The Environment

  • More steel is recycled each year than all other recyclable materials worldwide.
  • There is no limit to how often steel can be recycled and repurposed.
  • Three-quarters of all steel items are recycled at the end of their primary usage period.
  • Steel does not degrade over time, and if properly coated and treated can exceed the longevity of most other construction materials.
  • Steel is manufactured and can be used in almost any building or structure instead of natural resources such as wood-based products.
  • In particular, cold-formed steel does not require heat to shape or form and so uses less energy.

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Life is full of surprises – but not at Whirlwind Steel. We will update you at every milestone so there’s no delays or increased costs to wreck your day. And if you need to call us, use our Rapid Response Line, 877-76-RAPID.


We will do everything in our power to see your order arrives on time. We work with you to find the best date for delivery, and then focus on it.


We know difficult situations happen in the construction industry, so your team is empowered to quickly resolve issues that arise unexpectedly and make things right. And if you are not satisfied, you can go straight to the top and talk with our President Ty Sturdivant.


Mutual respect is the key to mutual success. Honesty, integrity and fairness for all.


We hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability so our customers, coworkers and suppliers will be confident that we’ll do what we say we will, every time.


We develop lifelong relationships with our customers, coworkers and suppliers, making sure that we deliver on time, without compromising safety.


We don’t just accept change. We embrace it. Our company was built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation from within has been a key element to our success.


We’re committed to excellence in every part of our business. We are focused on providing industry leading product quality, efficiency and customer service.


We go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience.
We create raving fans!

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