Why Are Steel Airplane Hangars So Popular?

Published October 4, 2013 by Whirlwind Team

steel airplane hangarSelecting a steel airplane hangar offers all the same benefits that pre-engineered metal buildings offer to other industries and needs. With an expensive asset like an airplane to protect, you want something that is easy to construct and difficult for Mother Nature to destruct. In addition, steel buildings don't catch on fire easily, either.

Benefits of Steel Hangars

Steel buildings are durable, so they can last many years, even decades, with little maintenance. Pests can’t eat them, mold and mildew is easy to control, plus heating and cooling are cost effective when the building is well-ventilated and insulated.

The best thing about steel airplane hangars, though, is their flexibility and scalability. Metal building design can allow for large open spaces and huge doors perfectly-suited to something the size and shape of an airplane. It is easy to have several different spaces within the building, such as workshops or even living quarters as well as storage for the plane.

Protection Against the Elements

Protecting your airplane while it is on the ground is your biggest concern. A metal building can meet and exceed local building codes with the strength to withstand any number of environmental challenges. These hangars can be designed to withstand high winds, seismic activity, heavy snow and ice, or the worst heat.

When a 60 mile-per-hour straight wind tears through your area, you know the damage it can do to an exposed aircraft tethered outside. It can twist wings, struts, props, and airplane bodies. In 1991 torrential winds destroyed dozens of small to medium-sized aircraft at the Kansas City Downtown Airport, where many smaller planes were moored. The planes that were stored in metal hangers didn’t even get a scratch.

This situation could have easily and affordably been avoided if those airplane owners had invested in a strong, inexpensive metal hangar. Metal buildings are much less costly than those made of other materials. In fact, you can save money on almost every phase of metal building ownership.

Affordable Investments for the Future

Construction is fast and easy. Pre-engineered buildings come with pre-drilled holes, a variety of fastenings for roof and wall panels, and clear plans of construction. If you work with the manufacturer, you can get a building customized to your needs, saving you still more in potential rebuilding or redesigning costs.

Metal buildings are nearly maintenance free. With the proper ventilation and fastening system, there should be no raw edges to rust, and mold shouldn’t be a problem. If you need additional protection, there are a variety of coatings available to keep the building from these issues. You can also match the exterior of the hangar to the surrounding architecture.

Metal buildings are also scalable. If you decide to expand your fleet, your existing hangar can easily be enlarged or duplicated in a side by side arrangement. If you decide to downsize, leasing out or repurposing the extra space are definite options.

If you have an airplane, you'll want to protect it. You need convenience and cost-effectiveness, and you need them quickly. You need a steel airplane hangar.

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