Do Metal Sheds Make Good Storage Buildings?

Published March 7, 2018 by Whirlwind Team

metal storage shed

America is a consumer-based society and we all love our stuff. But all these things come with one troubling downside: they take up space. As most of us have noticed, the amount of space we have available in our homes or businesses just isn't quite enough to handle everything we seem to accumulate.

Storing things outside, of course, makes them more likely to be stolen and weathers them much faster. You could rent a storage unit, but wouldn’t it be better to have a storage shed right in your yard? If you need extra storage space for your personal, residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural needs, a metal storage building is a great option.

Metal Storage Buildings Are Affordable

Metal storage units and sheds have an advantage over sheds made of other materials - they typically cost much less than the traditional options of wood and plastic. A metal storage building will pay for itself the first time it keeps someone from stealing your new riding mower or that ATV you just bought.

You can purchase a metal storage building for much less than a wooden or plastic shed of the same size. With a quick online search, you will see that a metal building may cost less than a wooden building. Comparing a steel building to plastic is not practical as steel is the more durable product.

Steel Storage Buildings Are Durable

Wood sheds don’t hold up to the weather as well as steel and neither do plastic sheds. Plastic fades and cracks in the sun. Wood dries out or rots if you live somewhere damp. Then you have to replace the shed and start the cycle all over again. So, on top of paying more for the building in the first place, now you must lay out more money to replace it.

A metal storage building resists rust and will last as long, or longer, than many of your tools. It isn’t unusual for a quality metal storage building to last as long as a home. Properly anchored, it will withstand wind, hail and snow, keeping your tools and toys safe from the weather. Steel doesn't burn, either, increasing safety by limiting the spread of the flames or protecting items in its interior.

Durable steel buildings come with longer warranties than their plastic and wood cousins.

You Can Customize Your Storage Building

First of all, metal storage buildings come in a variety of sizes. You can choose a small one for a few gardening tools or you can obtain one large enough to shelter a tractor. The larger the building, the more it will cost, but in any case, you will still save money compared to a storage building made of any other material.

In general, steel buildings offer a variety of design options. Your metal storage building can be any color you want. Maybe you want it to match your other buildings or your home or business. You can get contrasting metal roof panels, doors and trim.

Depending on its size, you may need a garage-type door so you can drive in farming equipment or vehicles. Sliding doors and walk doors with hinges are all possibilities. Larger buildings may benefit from gutters and downspouts as well, to protect the wall panels and foundation from excessive rain.

However, a foundation isn’t always required. A small shed can rest on the ground and you can install a wood or metal floor if you like.

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Metal Buildings Are Easy to Assemble and Expand

Metal storage buildings are extremely easy to build. You and a friend can probably put one together in an afternoon or a day. Each building comes with all required hardware - the frame, panels and fasteners. All the holes are pre-punched and the fasteners are included. You may need a couple of hand tools, that's all.

You can start with a small metal storage building and expand it as your storage needs grow. Metal buildings are easy to enlarge by taking off the back wall and extending the building length. Alternatively, you can add a lean-to on one or both sides of your existing storage building.

Smaller steel buildings are light enough to move around. You also have the option of taking it apart and reassembling it elsewhere.

steel storage building

Why You Can Use a Metal Storage Building Instead of an Off-Site Storage Unit

Off-site self-storage has become very popular and mainstream in the past few decades and it can be tempting just to take everything and put it in a storage unit somewhere. However, it seems like things that go into off-site storage rarely come out.

Also, if these are items you use frequently, it can be a hassle to haul everything to storage then return time after time to retrieve them. You have to load your vehicle, drive to the storage unit, unload your vehicle and drive back home. It would be so much more convenient if everything was stored on your own property, wouldn’t it?

You won’t be saving money renting a storage unit, either. Storage rentals are forever, as long as you keep the unit. How many months will it be before the cost surpasses that of a metal storage building? Even if you finance the storage building, the payments end eventually. Rent never ends and if you are late or stop paying, everything you have stored will be lost to you.

There is also the issue of security. Most storage unit rental facilities have a fence and security cameras or other technology. However, it may not be as secure as you would like. Without being there every day, it could be days or weeks before you realized your property had been stolen.

A metal storage building on your property eliminates the inconvenience, expense and worry attendant with off-site storage.

Metal sheds do make good storage buildings for many reasons:

  • They are cost-effective and affordable.
  • You can get any size and color you want.
  • You will have a durable steel shed that insects and animals can't chew a hole in.
  • They are easy to assemble and smaller ones may be light enough to move around if you need. 

You get a longer warranty than sheds made of other materials and everything you store is conveniently nearby with no need to drive or haul anything.

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