Top 5 Reasons to Build with Metal

Published November 6, 2013 by Whirlwind Team

Building with metalMetal is the backbone of America’s major cities. Its many benefits have made it the go-to material for contractors and builders across all industries, and with good reason: steel buildings provide a product that’s durable, sustainable and attractive. Here are five reasons metal is the smart choice for your next building:

Top 5 Reasons to Build with Metal

1. Economic savings: We all know cost plays a major role in the way a building is created. What you might not know is that metal buildings are cheaper to build and maintain.

Because metal is inherently strong, fewer structural members are needed for building projects, meaning you save time on construction and labor costs. Even better, depending on the scope of your project, you can earn energy efficiency tax credits for building with steel.

The savings don't stop after construction ends, though. Metal actually offers better lifecycle returns because it’s less expensive to maintain and lasts significantly longer than alternative materials. For example, the annual maintenance cost of a metal roof is about 35 to 50 % less per square foot than single ply or asphalt roofing systems. What's more, many metal buildings feature durable coatings and paints that boast a service life of up to 40 years.  

2. Sustainability: Energy performance and sustainability are becoming increasingly important as our natural resources become scarcer. Luckily, steel is one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient building materials on the market, and it produces less construction waste than other materials. It is 100 % recyclable; in fact, many metal products contain between 25 to 95 % recycled materials. Plus, building with metal can provide a building with coveted LEED credits.

Because metal building components have a longer lifecycle than stone, wood, or concrete structures, building owners don’t have to replace them as often, which helps reduce the overall need for raw materials over time. Additionally, metal materials with the ENERGY STAR® label maintain up to 95 percent of their reflective value during their life and reduce a building’s energy consumption over time.

3. Diversity: Metal offers an impressive variety of design options, including panel sizes, shapes, colors, substrates, textures, finishes, and installation options. Metal is also very flexible; for example, steel is the only building material that allows you to increase the strength of an already constructed building. Whether you're adding on to an existing structure or creating an innovative new building, metal provides the most options to generate the right building for your needs.

4. Space optimization: The versatility of metal makes it easy to customize finished spaces. Rolled beams and lattice or trussed construction mean builders can create long span spaces that don't require the use of subdividing columns. These open, unobstructed spaces increase the building's value, as it can be used for any number of things, and make it a more competitive piece of real estate.

5. Durability: the face of natural and man-made disasters. Unlike many materials, steel’s behavior remains consistent and predictable with time. In addition to withstanding the forces of earthquakes and storms, metal is insect-resistant, mold-proof, fire-proof and noncombustible, and it doesn’t warp or shrink. When treated properly, metal also resists corrosion and rust, so metal buildings stand up to the elements better than alternative structures.

When it comes to building materials, metal is the obvious winner. No other product offers the same cost savings, strength, energy efficiency, versatility and longevity as metal does. Isn't it time you considered metal for your next building?  

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