Types of Self-Storage Buildings

Self-Storage building

Metal self-storage buildings are a great choice for those looking for secure and reliable storage space. These metal buildings are typically made of steel panels with interior insulation to maintain a stable internal temperature. Some also include roll-up doors. They provide an efficient, cost-effective, and secure solution for businesses and individuals who need extra storage space. 

Why Metal

Metal self-storage buildings are great because they are much more durable than traditional wood storage sheds and are resistant to insect infestations, dents, and other types of physical damage. The steel frames also make them less susceptible to damage from high winds or hail. Furthermore, the steel material used in construction helps to protect stored items from fire and other forms of destruction. 

For companies looking to build rentable self-storage facilities, metal self-storage buildings are ideal because they provide protection from the elements and are low-cost. They are often more affordable than other types of storage buildings, and they can be installed in a matter of days. Both individuals and businesses look for safe, protective buildings that will keep their items secure, so it’s important to be selective when planning what type of storage facility to build. 

There are different types of self-storage options to consider when planning your property, including self-storage, boat and RV storage, and climate-controlled storage. 


With metal self-storage solutions, every building can be customized to fit the specifications of a project. Each building is engineered specifically for the job location and can be constructed on-site. You can also customize the colors of the roof and wall panels to match company brand colors for a consistent, professional effect. 

There are options to choose from when it comes to door type and insulation. Roll-up doors provide enhanced security. The doors lock securely and do not require any type of padlock or other additional access controls. Roll-up doors also help reduce energy consumption as they prevent the transfer of air, as well as eliminate drafts and air leaks. 

Boat and RV Storage

This type of self-storage facility allows renters to house water crafts and recreational vehicles like boats and RVs. If you want to offer boat and RV storage, you can order custom unit sizes to allow for different vehicle types. Metal self-storage buildings can be engineered for the location and assembled on-site. 

For maximum convenience and accessibility, the buildings can be constructed as drive-through units that have roll-up doors with chain hoist lift assist. Larger vehicles can easily enter and exit the unit, and the drivers are able to independently open the heavy doors. These features provide maximum convenience for tenants. 

Metal boat and RV storage buildings can also be constructed using sawtooth walls. Sawtooth walls feature a series of bays and rooflights that bring natural light into a building without allowing in too much heat. These walls are composed of a long, low-angle wall with a series of vertical wall segments that look like a sawtooth when viewed from above.

Climate Controlled Storage

A climate controlled self-storage facility uses an air system to keep internal units at a consistent temperature. Climate controlled storage facilities provide protection for a variety of items that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. This includes documents, antiques, electronic equipment, furniture, photographs, and more. By keeping the same temperature and humidity all year round, these facilities reduce the risk of mildew, mold, and even warping or fading of stored items.

For locations with extreme weather changes, it is the ideal choice for all items, not just the sensitive ones. This type of self-storage units often attract people who are looking for long-term storage, because they know their items will be safe.

When building a metal climate-controlled storage facility, you can request a flush hallway system. This means that all units will have flush panels above and between the doors that will hide fasteners from view, giving the hallways a professional and modern appearance. It also increased security as there are no gaps between the doors and walls.

Final Note

In summary, metal self-storage buildings are an efficient and economical way to provide safe and long-lasting item storage. These types of facilities are affordable and can be installed in a matter of days. Whether you are planning a single or multiple level storage layout, metal buildings can be customized to the location. If you need a quick and effective storage solution, metal self-storage buildings are definitely worth considering.

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