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What Type of Door Do You Need for Your Metal Building?


There are a lot of reasons to recommend a steel door for your building. Here are just a few:


  • They are lighter in weight than their counterparts made of other materials.
  • You have flexibility in door types; metal doors come in an amazing number of configurations.
  • Like metal buildings, they come in an endless variety of colors and textures.
  • Metal doors are durable, rust-proof, and environmentally friendly.


Here is an overview of different types of steel doors.




A metal walk door creates a welcoming entry to your metal building. In buildings where the main opening is very large, a walk door to the side or in another wall can save on utilities if there is a lot of foot traffic. The larger door will not need to be opened to the weather.


In high-security areas, a walk door provides an easily protected and observed entry into the building.


Walk doors come pre-assembled or knock-down. They have customizable hardware specifications and come in a wide variety of finishes and colors to match the rest of the building and the surrounding area.




Steel overhead doors are tough, durable, and secure. They are also quiet and easy to install. Like any steel component, these doors are fire retardant.


Overhead doors are available for light and heavy-duty. Insulation is an available option as are doors with break-away panels that can be easily and inexpensively repaired.




Overhead doors can come in a variety of configurations depending on usage. From airplane hangars to agricultural buildings, you can get the type of door that works best for your metal building design.


Metal roll-up


A metal roll-up door consists of multiple narrow panels that roll up into a horizontal column at the top of the doorway, rather like a window shade.


These doors are extremely easy to install and take up less space than some other door types. A rugged door, metal roll-ups are generally made of steel although there is an option for fiberglass.


Highly reliable, a roll-up door is easily maintained and can be insulated if you desire. Appropriate for light or heavy industrial-duty, they can be designed for high wind loads.


Available in both electronic remote and manual operation.


Sectional doors


Somewhat similar to metal roll-up, sectional doors are made of multiple panels similar to a residential garage door. You can select high or low-profile lift hardware and the door can be insulated if needed. As with all metal doors, these come in an extensive selection of colors and finishes.


Sectional doors can be provided in a variety of sizes as well and can be wind locked for high wind loads. They are appropriate for light to heavy industrial duty.


Operate manually or with a remotely controlled electric motor.


Bi-fold doors


Comprised of two panels hinged horizontally at the top, a panel joint allows the panels to fold together as the door lifts. This operation creates a clear, wide opening ideal for airplane hangars or other wide load situations.


A bi-fold door provides an opening with no loss of headroom because it folds nearly flat with the roof. Color and texture can match the rest of the building.


This door can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds, keeping the interior environment stable. It can also be designed for any wind load. Engineered stamps are available.


Hydro-swing doors


Operated hydraulically, a hydro-swing door is another good choice for an airplane hangar. It is a single panel hinged at the top that opens and closes with two hydraulic actuators.


It can open and close very quickly and is engineered for any wind load. It also comes with engineered stamps and can be colored and textured to match the building.


Sliding doors


Sliding doors are extremely simple to operate and come with robust track hardware. Available in any size or color, it can be insulated if needed.


Manual operation only, this door cannot be motorized.


Hangar and agricultural doors


Metal hangar doors can be designed to accommodate any aircraft or vehicle such as large agricultural or construction equipment. These heavy-duty doors can span large distances without exterior columns.


Specifications include:

  • Pre-engineered heavy-duty steel
  • Customized extra wide and high siding
  • Weatherproofing
  • Available with or without insulation


Hangar doors can be designed to fit any pre-engineered building.




The following are customizations to increase safe operation or for special use doors.


Safety drop bottom brackets


These brackets prevent the door from falling in the case of an extremely rare cable failure. Excellent for use in high lift and vertical doors on two to three-inch tracks.


NOTE: These are not appropriate for standard lift applications.


Pass doors


Pass doors are smaller openings in a large sectional door. If your building has moderate to heavy foot traffic, you can save on heating and cooling by installing a pass door.


Full vision sections


Sections of glass or Plexiglas® can be placed into a multi-paneled door to allow more natural light and reduce electricity needs. Glass is recommended for corrosive environments.


Two other options include a window-lite panel, which is a smaller type of panel section, and “create-a-sign.” If the door to your business faces a busy thoroughfare, you can place the business name or ads on the door.


Removable center mullions


If you require a door that occasionally accommodates wider loads, a removable center mullion is available. This leaves you with a smaller door for daily use.


Breakaway bottom section


These doors will save you time and repair costs if you have a building in which vehicles often operate. The bottom section is easily reset if it is hit and leaves the rest of the door undamaged.


Larger sections can be reinforced to prevent breakage.


Outside key locks


If you are storing valuables within your metal building, you can get outside key locks. If you have an electronic opener, you will need interlock switches.




Metal doors can be two-layer steel (PAN) or three-layer steel (SANDWICH). Both are very strong and have wind-resistant ribbing. In areas with extreme temperatures, insulation will save a great deal of money.


When you design a metal building, you have a wide variety of door types to choose from, depending on the use of the building. Metal doors come in a variety of configurations and can come with safety and specialty use equipment.


Most can be insulated, designed for high wind loads, and operated electronically and/or remotely.

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