Self Storage Building Systems

Whirlwind manufactures self storage building systems and covered storage facilities with a variety of flexible design, configuration and assembly options. Each metal storage facility is created to your exact specifications and requirements. We offer many additional features including climate controlled and multi-story buildings.


    Self Storage Building Manufacturer
  1. Widths
    1. 10’ through 200’ in 5’ increments.
    2. Gable or Single Slope designs.
  2. Lengths
    As required to fit your customers needs.
  3. Eave Heights
    1. 8’-6’ is standard
    2. Other eave heights are available upon request.
  4. Roof Slope
    1. 1/4 : 12 minimum slope is standard
    2. Both single slope buildings and gabled buildings are available.
    Storage Facility Design
  5. Framed Openings
    gauge members with 26 gauge cover trim.
  6. Metal Panels – Roof
    1. 26 gauge Super Span X
      1. Colored or Galvalume®
    2. 24 gauge standing seam
      1. Colored or Galvalume®
  7. Metal Panels – Walls
    26 Gauge Super Span X in standard colors.
  8. Interior Partitions:
    29 gauge Galvalume® Low Rib. Self Storage Building Systems
  9. Corridors:
    26 gauge Low Rib X, SMP Cool White
  10. Trim
    Our buildings come standard with 26 gauge rake trim, gutter and downspouts.
  11. Design Loads
    This is done per local building codes. Up to 100 lb ground snow, up to 150 mph wind load.

Additional mini storage design options include: full and partial climate controlled buildings, block perimeter buildings, stepped floor and/or roof, multi-story as well as RV/Boat storage.

Products are offered in a variety of gauges, colors, and warranties including ENERGY STAR®-certified colors, wind and hail listings.  We also offer Solar Energy Systems on 4 standing-seam roof systems.

Sample Room Layouts

Metal Storage Building Design

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