Metal Fabricators

Order directly from a 60+ year metal component manufacturer for the exact parts you need.

As a steel fabricator, you can find no better resource than Whirlwind for your weld-up buildings and other structures. Just rely on the knowledge built on more than 60 years of experience manufacturing quality metal building components.

When you call Whirlwind, you get it all:

  • Selection: Whirlwind has the components and accessories you need to finish any weld-up or other metal building
  • Cost efficient: Save money using metal materials that are custom made and can be engineered to meet your specific requirements — eliminating excess material
  • Customer service: Whirlwind meets delivery schedules and takes every step possible to help ensure your materials arrive on time and undamaged
  • IAS-certified: Our manufacturing facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia are all IAS-certified
  • Quality:: Whirlwind metal roof and wall panels go through stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards



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