Frame Builders & Fabricators

Support your business with fast access to all the quality components you need.

When you're looking for sheets and trim or other components for metal buildings, look no further than Whirlwind. Whirlwind has a selection of metal building components in sizes and styles that are unmatched by other resources. We're here to serve you.

For over 60 years, Whirlwind has been a premier manufacturer of quality metal building components and is the supplier that can make sure you please your customers while you keep your projects on schedule.

Advantages of ordering from Whirlwind

  • Experience:: Whirlwind brings you knowledge and expertise built on 60 years manufacturing quality metal building components
  • Customer service:: With a companywide mission to provide exceptional customer service, our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff makes sure you get the quality components you need on time
  • Speed: Whirlwind can guarantee remarkably fast turnaround
  • Selection: With products ranging from 22-gauge to 29-gauge, we are confident we have the components you need every time. As a manufacturer, we can customize parts, too
  • Quality: Whirlwind components go through stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards
  • Certification: Whirlwind has an extensive list of product certifications; plus, our manufacturing facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia are all IAS-certified

Who We Serve

Enhance your building with our unparalleled selection of metal frames and components.

frame builders

Frame Builders

Make Whirlwind your metal building component supplier and you'll find a partner that can get you the exact components you need, when you need them to make every project a big success.

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metal fabricators

Metal Fabricators

As a steel fabricator, you can find no better resource than Whirlwind for your weld-up buildings and other structures. Just rely on our knowledge built on more than 60 years of experience manufacturing quality metal building components.

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