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Get support for your metal building needs from a single, trusted source.

For more than 60 years, Whirlwind has been a premier manufacturer of quality metal building components. There is no better resource or better selection of well-constructed metal building components and accessories than Whirlwind. Whatever approach you are taking for your metal building, we can support you.

Turn to Whirlwind to ensure the best outcome

  • Be your own general contractor and rely on Whirlwindfor design and drafting
  • Hire a contractor to complete your building for you
  • Request every piece needed for the full construction of a building or just request needed parts
  • Know you can get the style and finish you need to match the design and color of your architecture
  • Get engineering support when constructing your own building

Call Whirlwind for an experience that exceeds your expectations

  • Keep your project on schedule: Parts are delivered on time in good condition to keep your project on schedule
  • Build for structural integrity: The materials manufactured at Whirlwind Steel all have a consistent quality and are built in accordance with national standards
  • Enjoy lower construction costs: Whirlwind provides pre-engineered metal buildings that save you money over traditional custom-designed buildings
  • Build green to support our environment: The use of sustainable, green building materials — coupled with a host of environmentally responsible, resource-efficient processes — has helped define Whirlwind Steel Buildings as a leader in the green building movement
  • Certification: Get all your metal buildings or components from Whirlwind with operations that have received full certification from the IAS Inspection Program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems

Who We Serve

From homes and garages to offices and commercial centers, we’ll help you turn your dream building into a reality.

Business Owners

Business Owners

Don't start from scratch when planning your office building, restaurant, retail space or other business facility. Whirlwind has hundreds of floor plans of cost-effective, pre-engineered buildings from which to choose that can then be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

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Building Owners

Building Owners

Whirlwind has been helping building owners with every step of their construction for more than 60 years. We know your challenges and can make your building process faster and easier.

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real estate developers

Real Estate Developers

Save time, money and effort by working with Whirlwind. We have more than 60 years of experience working with real estate developers and have engineered metal building floorplans and components that are virtually unmatched.

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When choosing metal to build your home, roof, garage or other utility building on your property, there's no better support than the team at Whirlwind. Share your imagination and we'll help you make your building a reality.

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