Provide customers with metal building components they need, when they need them.

Whatever your customers need in the way of metal building components, they can turn to you with confidence that you can provide it — fast.

Your team at Whirlwind puts its more than 60 years of manufacturing, knowledge and expertise at your disposal to deliver on any and all metal building requests. You can count on Whirlwind to:

  • Supply standard and customized sheets, purlin and trim that meets precise specifications
  • Provide a shorter lead time — as little as two days
  • Price all products at a competitive rate
  • Provide a selection that exceeds all other resources

extra benefits From Whirlwind

  • Avoid returns: All components are engineered to your customer's exact specifications
  • Provide a greater selection: Whirlwind can provide components that are styled to match any architecture
  • Go green: All parts are manufactured using ENERGY STAR® rated cool colors and 32-59% recycled materials



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