Engineer functional and efficient metal buildings with Whirlwind Steel.

Whether you're engineering a small storage building, an elaborate office space, or a retail or even hangar facility, you want solid structures that meet codes and withstand the test of time. Whirlwind can provide you with the products and information you need to do the job right.

Rely on Whirlwind for:

  • Attractive and functional pre-engineered buildings
  • Design codes plus the framing, walls, roofing and other components to meet them
  • Versatility and the ability to quickly and accurately customize components for your specific needs
  • Details on required supports, bracing and load tables
  • Green materials that have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards
  • Well-labeled and precisely manufactured components that are efficient and speed the construction process

Discover the Whirlwind difference

  • Products you can trust from IAS-certified manufacturing facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia
  • Service that exceeds your expectations
  • Cost savings and deliveries that keep projects on schedule

Help make the engineering of all your metal buildings efficient and exceptional.



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