Access virtually unlimited design options and designer-friendly support.

As an architect designing a metal building, you want fast and accurate answers to design issues as they arise. Whirlwind is your number-one resource for the metal building options and assistance you need.

  • Architectural design options
  • Available colors, styles and finishes
  • Customization capabilities
  • Design assistance
  • Solutions for engineering and design/load issues
  • Green building applications
  • Material specifications
  • Roofing system options
  • Span and space capacities
  • Terminology
  • Code and other requirements

Five reasons Whirlwind is your premier resource when designing metal buildings

  1. Get exactly what you need by choosing from a wide selection of specifications, finishes, and colors of materials that can be engineered to meet your specific requirements
  2. Receive customer service and support that exceeds your expectations
  3. Confidently use materials from IAS-certified manufacturing facilities
  4. Rely on us to meet your project's delivery schedule plus ensure your components arrive on time, undamaged
  5. Use materials that have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards



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