Produce quality construction quickly and efficiently with Whirlwind.

In the construction business, schedules are everything. Delays can affect the timing of future projects and increase costs. The manufacturers, designers and shippers at Whirlwind understand your challenges. We've structured our production and services to deliver the quality metal buildings and components you need — when you need them.

With Whirlwind, you get:

  • Fast turnaround on quotes
  • Timely answers to product and service questions
  • Accurate order entry for components
  • Timely updates on status of projects
  • Efficient handling of change orders
  • Fast turnaround on drawings
  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • Accurate order fulfillment and minimal backorders
  • Accurate delivery time communication
  • Frequent deliveries of components
  • Very fast response time if there is a problem
  • Accurate and clear invoicing

For over 60 years, Whirlwind has been a premier manufacturer of quality metal buildings.

Regardless of your location, Whirlwind delivers the manufacturing expertise, the commitment and the follow-through you need to quickly complete your metal building projects.

Who We Serve

Count on our industry expertise and unrivaled customer service to keep your metal building projects running smoothly.


General Contractors

With Whirlwind as your resource, you can complete every metal building project faster and more efficiently and deliver more quality in the process. Just rely on the metal building and component manufacturer providing proven reliability, quality and on-time delivery.

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Metal Building Contractors

Late deliveries or mislabeled components are costly and delay your jobs. With Whirlwind you can say goodbye to those problems. Whirlwind has exactly what you need, when you need it.

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Design-Build Contractors

When business owners turn to you for the creation and completion of a stylish and functional metal building, you can do no better than to partner with the professionals at Whirlwind.

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Roofing Contractors

When building owners or contractors approach you for your expertise with metal roofing, you can count on Whirlwind to make your job easier at every step of the process.

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