We Build for Life

At Whirlwind, we’re more than a metal building and building products manufacturer. We’re creators and distributors of buildings and products that people use to live, learn, worship, work and play – the places where their dreams take shape and their futures are created. We build lifelong relationships with customers, co-workers and partners because we know that strong relationships are required to build strong products. At the heart of all that we do is to provide a building experience and focus on relationship that’s second to none, so we’ve developed our business around six core values that help us live up to our mission – to build for life.

R - Relationships with Mutual Respect

Our business is rooted in honesty, integrity and fairness. These principles are reflected in the way we work with our coworkers, customers and suppliers. We expect them to work with us using the same principles – because we know that mutual respect is the key to mutual success.

A – Act with Purpose

We’re only as good as our word – which is why we always follow through on our commitments. We hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability so our customers, coworkers and suppliers will be confident that we’ll do what we say we will, every time.

P – Passion for Life

We’re a powerful team that loves what we do … and that shows in the way we work with our customers and with each other. We develop lifelong relationships with our customers, coworkers and suppliers, have fun and most importantly, make sure we always stay safe.

I – Innovate at Every Level

We don’t just accept change. We embrace it. Our company was built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation from within has been a key element to our success – and that approach still drives our company, more than 65 years later.

D – Dedication to Excellence

We’re committed to excellence in every part of our business. We are focused on providing industry leading product quality, efficiency and customer service – because we know that we have to be the best to achieve our goals and help our customers, coworkers and suppliers achieve their goals.

C – Create Raving Fans

We go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience, be it with a customer, coworker or supplier. We create customers that are so satisfied they will go out of their way to recommend us. We create coworkers that are so happy and engaged that they will recommend our company as a great place to work. We create suppliers and partners that are so impressed they will tell others to work with us. We create raving fans!