Super Seam-II

Eliminate the need for a mechanical seamer.

For a building with a low-pitched sloping roof, there's no better quality or durability than the Whirlwind Super Seam-II. This trapezoidal roofing system laps at the edge without a mechanical seamer.

  • Snap lock, concealed clip, full trapezoidal profile, standing seam roof panel
  • Panel profile is based on a 24" module and is non-directional.
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  • Comes with factory-applied sealant.
  • The 3" tall rib allows the panel to work on roof slopes as low as 1/4:12


Super Seam-II Product Brochure

super seam-ii features

Coverage Width 24"
Minimum Slope 1/4:12
Panel Attachment Low, high (fixed, floating)
Gauge 22 and 24 GA
Coatings Galvalume Plus, Kynar 500

Additional specifications

  • UL 580 Up-Lift Tested, Class 90 Rated
  • UL 2218 Hail Impact Resistant
  • Inclined: Unlimited
  • Impact: Class 4
      Top In Compression Bottom In Compression
26 50 1.02 0.1721 0.0676 2.0246 0.0714 0.0395 1.1839
24 50 1.23 0.2145 0.8510 2.5472 0.0965 0.0550 1.6458
22 50 1.56 0.2734 0.1085 3.2487 0.1342 0.0746 2.2335


  1. All calculations for the properties of Super Seam-II panels are calculated in accordance with the 1996 edition of the COLD-FORMED STEEL Design Manual, with 1999 supplement – published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).
  2. Ixe is for deflection determination.
  3. Sx is for bending.
  4. Ma is allowable bending moment.
  5. All values are for the one foot of panel width.
  6. Contact Whirlwind for wind uplift values.

There's no better resource than Whirlwind

Discover these many advantages of Whirlwind:

  • Get fire-resistant, weather-resistant materials formulated to last up to 40 years — or even more.
  • Save time using our standing seam metal roof panels that have concealed clips with no exposed fasteners.
  • Finish your project on schedule by relying on a resource that guarantees remarkably fast turnaround. Products arrive at your job site or warehouse on schedule, undamaged and ready to use.
  • Be green by using panels manufactured with 32-59% recycled materials that can be recycled again at the end of their lifespan.
  • Satisfy customers with panels that have an exceptional architectural appearance available in a long list of color options.
  • Save money by ordering from the manufacturer that engineers panels that meet your specific requirements — eliminating excess materials.

At Whirlwind, we have more than 50 years of experience manufacturing high-quality components. Our products have earned an extensive list of certifications, and each of our three commercial facilities are IAS-certified.

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