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Residential Panels

Serve your residential customers with many affordable and efficient options.

Meeting the needs of residential customers can be challenging. They typically have more limited budgets and often require a larger variety of styles and colors from which to choose.


Whirlwind makes it easy to satisfy residential customers with many attractive and modestly-priced panel options available in a wide variety of colors. They include:

All panel styles are available in a variety of SMP colors, each carrying warranties of up to 40 years. In addition, Whirlwind offers Energy Star® and CRRC-approved colors.

Your buyers will appreciate that Whirlwind's material contains a minimum of 32% — and up to 59% — recycled content, making Whirlwind's material environmentally friendly.

Turn to Whirlwind for the products, experience and customer service you need to complete every project efficiently and on schedule.

  • Know that your components will arrive on time, undamaged
  • Get exactly what you need by choosing from a wide selection of profiles, finishes, and colors
  • Save time and money by getting materials engineered to meet your specific requirements
  • Get metal roof and wall panels that have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards

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Weather Guard

With the look of standing seam roofing, Weather Guard roofing provides homeowners with a finished look and better weather-proofing.

This option is a true concealed-fastener residential roof panel that snaps together. The panel covers 12" to the weather and is installed over solid deck. The pancake head screws - installed at one per foot - provide outstanding wind uplift protection. The minimum roof slope is 3:12.

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Low Rib X

Low Rib X is a versatile panel that can be used for roof or walls. It can also be installed horizontally, giving a clean and simple appearance to your project. 

Available in multiple finishes to fit every application, the smaller 6" ribs on thie panel option have a less industrial look and are more popular for residential meetings.

The Low Rib X panel has a purlin-bearing leg that provides support to the bottom panel when installing the lap fasteners. This panel is recommended for roof slopes of 1:12 or greater.

This panel is also available in 29ga without the purlin-bearing leg. 

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Sturdi-Rib is a low-profile, full lap pattern, through-fastened panel and is available in 29-gauge, 36" coverage for fast, low-cost applications.

Its 9" rib spacing with additional bell-top rib makes it more rigid than most 9" rib-spaced panels. This makes it perfect for use on sheds, equipment storage, and other out-buildings with open framing.

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Sturdi-Span is a stylish, low-profile, exposed fastener with 36" panel coverage, making it ideal for residential or agricultural applications.

This panel also features a hidden siphon groove at the underside of the sidelap joint, greatly reducing your chance for leaks.

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Sturdi-Drain is a low-profile, exposed fastener panel with 36" panel coverage. The clean, sharp repeating profile is ideal for rounded residential and agricultural applications.

The additional ribs in Sturdi-Drain make a panel that can be easily bent around a water tower or barn, silo or other rounded building.

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Sturdi-Panels have a deep-ribbed profile on 9" centers with a full 36" coverage. This through-fastened panel offers a classic "board and batten" look for both roof and wall applications that customers love.

This attractive panel features a hidden siphon groove at the underside of the sidelap joint, preventing the capillary action that sucks water in, greatly reducing your chance for leaks.

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