Steel Warehouses

Fully protect your inventory and business assets with steel warehouses.

As a part of the warehouse industry, you are charged with the security and well-being of your products or inventory and possibly your customers as well.

Whirlwind structure for your warehouse delivers complete security

  • Provides the strength, durability, flexibility and customization you need to get a building that fits your needs
  • Reduces chance of fire
  • Uses materials that withstand severe weather conditions, rot and similar wear
  • Saves you money in reduced maintenance costs and possibly insurance premiums
  • Lets you choose the option for attached or separate office buildings
  • Provides a large, clear span for the storage of a variety of large and small items
  • Can accommodate overhead cranes for movement of large items and tall objects
  • Is highly cost efficient compared to traditional construction
  • Adds wide-eave canopies to cover dock areas, when needed

For world-class products and high-quality design and support services, turn to Whirlwind for your next metal building.

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