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Metal Sporting Facilities

Satisfy your need to serve multiple sports in a single facility.

Serving the many sports facility needs in your school and community is easy with one call to Whirlwind. We have the experience you can trust to manufacture a sports facility that can easily transition between many different types of activities, including tennis, ice hockey, soccer, football, and more.

Our metal sports arenas are low in cost, highly adaptable and can accommodate your constantly changing needs while complying with or exceeding local building codes and federal specifications.

Benefits of Whirlwind sports arenas

  • Serve multiple sports that require wide-open spans necessary for sporting fields and courts — with unobstructed open spaces as wide as 300 feet
  • Achieve a pleasing design with a large choice of panel and trim colors
  • Eliminate concerns about having outdoor sports indoors with tall eaves built to any height specification
  • Save money with a building that needs significantly less maintenance and lower utility costs
  • Be ready to satisfy changing school, private or community needs with a metal building that can quickly and easily be enlarged as needed
  • Save money and time with a fast delivery of your pre-engineered building
  • Keep athletes and spectators safer in an arena built from fully non-combustible or fire-resistant materials

Whirlwind materials meet the highest specifications in the industry, are resistant to harsh environments and fully protect your investment.

Request a quote and discover all the advantages of Whirlwind.