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Metal Schools

Build an educational facility that's economical, efficient, adaptable, and long-lasting.

With today's rapidly-growing student populations, you need a school building that can be expanded quickly and easily at a minimum cost. Whirlwind is your resource to make it happen.

Easily expandable when needed, our metal school buildings are manufactured to withstand immense daily wear and tear while retaining their functional integrity. Your school is built from the finest materials that resist outside elements. They are non-combustible or fire-resistant and significantly reduce the high cost of maintenance.

Whirlwind educational buildings are as attractive as they are functional

  • Infinite Styling: Modern technology and design processes have enabled Whirlwind to provide nearly infinite style and color choices that will complement any existing color scheme for your new educational facility
  • Multiple Finishes: Decorative panels such as rock, brick, or stucco are available to beautify your steel school structure with your choice of panel finishes and colors.
  • Roofing Options: Whirlwind has the ability to design buildings with hip-and-valley and multiple-surface roofs or a standing seam roof system
  • Features and Configurations: Your school can be completely customized with mezzanines for balconies or classrooms, large open spans, irregular shapes, and wide-open gymnasiums

These options, along with many others, are available to create a building that will make you and your community proud.

Request a quote and discover all the advantages of Whirlwind. Then contact an expert to discuss your needs and options and tap our 60+ years of metal school building expertise.