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Steel Riding Arenas

Gain the ability to ride even in bad weather.

Don't let bad weather interfere with your riding activities. Let the experts at Whirlwind provide you with a partially- or fully-enclosed steel riding arena you can use any time of the day — any day of the year.

Get a high-quality metal riding arena at a fraction of the cost

Whirlwind metal riding arenas are attractive, functional and low in cost. Here are just the highlights of the features these buildings provide:

  • Large clear span for riding space
  • Flexible layouts with or without a concrete slab to handle all anticipated activities
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Weather resistant
  • Significantly lower cost than other building materials
  • Fast delivery and shorter construction time to reduce animal boarding costs during construction
  • Low maintenance to save you money and labor
  • Easily expandable as your needs change
  • Non-combustible or fire-resistant arena buildings to keep you and your horses safer

These beautiful and practical riding arenas are available in a variety of panel finishes and colors so you can achieve the look you desire. Your metal arena can include skylights to improve lighting and choice insulation for better climate control. You can also add decorative rock, brick, or stucco panels.

Request a quote and discover all the advantages of Whirlwind metal equestrian arenas.