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Metal Retail Stores

Achieve well-designed metal retail store faster and for less money.

Finding the right location for your retail store is critical to your success. Once you find your site, you want your building to perfectly reflect your style, suit your needs and be cost-effective.

Whirlwind buildings are the perfect choice. Steel retail space by Whirlwind can easily fit your budget, and often can save you money by coming in under the costs of traditional buildings. Plus, your customers will never realize that they are even in a metal building.

The benefits of a Whirlwind retail building are endless:

  • Innovative designs that can easily fit any lot, including irregularly shaped land
  • An array of color options along with decorative brick, stone, or stucco paneling that can be included with your custom design
  • Fascias and parapets for hiding the roofline and displaying signage
  • Structures that support non-metal wall systems
  • Single-slope buildings that drain water away from store entries
  • Premium materials that save you money on maintenance
  • Quick and easy delivery options
  • Fast construction time
  • Wide-open floor plans that are column-free
  • Ceiling heights available to fit any need
  • Attractive and functional plans with a variety of panel and different color choices
  • Non-combustible or fire-resistant

Whirlwind retail space can easily be expanded when your business grows.

Whirlwind is respected as a leader in the industry of commercial steel buildings. There is a team of experts ready to consult with you on your exciting new retail project and create a building that will make you proud.

Request a quote and discover all the advantages of Whirlwind.