Steel Energy Plants

Create a steel facility that's durable, affordable and expandable.

The advantage of using a Whirlwind metal building for fuel- and energy-related facilities is the scope of options available to you in layout and design. Our engineers work with you to create a facility that accommodates all your needs now and long into the future.

Your Whirlwind building can include any or all of these elements

  • Attached or separate office building
  • Coatings that perform well in corrosive environments
  • Heights that accommodate cranes for lifting large, heavy objects
  • Large, clear span for movement and storage of large objects
  • Column-free, flexible interiors that can be configured to meet your needs
  • Non-combustible or fire-resistant materials that resist rot, mold, mildew and pest infestations
  • A virtually maintenance-free facility compared to more traditional materials
  • Meets or exceeds local code requirements
  • Pre-engineered to be built significantly faster than buildings using traditional materials

Rely on our 50+ years of experience designing and manufacturing energy-related facilities. With Whirlwind, you can be confident that your fuel- or energy-related plant will be durable, affordable and expandable.

Request a quote and discover all the advantages of Whirlwind buildings and components.