Metal Framing

Choose from almost unlimited framing and secondary structure options.

Whatever the size, shape, or structure of your metal building, Whirlwind's in-house engineers use cutting-edge technology to create the framing and structural members you need to ensure a lifetime of quality and durability for your project.

Manufactured to your exact specifications

Our private manufacturing services can design the metal building for you, or our custom fabrication capability can deliver framing that meets your exact specifications. Options include:

  • Support for any building — from 60' x 40' to 200' x 400'
  • Standard 12-, 14- or 16-gauge purlin and many other options
  • Standard 4", 6", or 12" widths or any other dimension needed
  • Parts finished in either in Grade 55 (red oxide) or ASTM A653, Grade 55 galvanized

Stay on schedule with Whirlwind

As a manufacturer with 60+ years of experience, we know how much your projects need to stay on schedule. Once we receive your plans, you'll experience remarkably fast turnaround and on-time delivery of your order.

Product Listing

Get the right framing for your building with our high-quality frames, struts and angles. 


Primary Framing

Whirlwind provides the framing you need for any standard or custom building application, including cees and zees, open channels, eave struts, angles, and custom shapes.

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Cees & Zees

Achieve crisp corners to make any steel building more finished and attractive. Whirlwind has the nesting and interlocking cees and zees you need to make your building more attractive and give it more structural integrity.

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Eave Struts

Eave struts from Whirlwind are manufactured with the options you demand in all your secondary metal building components. You get the configuration you want and service that is unmatched.

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open channels

Open Channels

For wall construction in your mini-storage or other metal buildings, count on Whirlwind to have a ready stock of channels available in 12-, 24- or 16-gauge and finished in Grade 55 (red oxide) or ASTM A653, Grade 55 galvanized.

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As a manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience producing metal building components, Whirlwind keeps all size angles in stock, including the sturdy 4 x 2 size that stays in place and keeps your building structure solid.

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Custom Shapes

Meet your component specifications — whatever they are. As a manufacturer, Whirlwind can quickly customize any component to meet whatever your building specifications dictate.

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