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The handbook will help you become familiar with some aspects of your employment, general policy statements, and information regarding your employment benefits.


Our Core Values

View the video, complete and submit the quiz to HR.


Paperwork and

Please complete, sign, and return the following employment forms to HR.

  • Acknowledgement and Consent
  • Harassment Policy
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Electronic Media-Policy Agreement
  • New Hire Form

Follow instructions to complete and sign this form. Section 1 and 5 must be completed entirely. Please write your name as it is appears.

  • W4 Form

Complete section 1 of this form completely. Enter your name as it appears on your social security card.
Present your Employment Eligibility Documents to your HR department for certification.

  • I-9 Form

Answer the two questions on this form, indicate your title and sign it.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Record Form

Choose one of the two methods for direct deposit.

  • Bank/Credit Union
  • Rapid Pay Card 
  • Brochure enclosed for more information.

(TX employees only)
Complete in its entirety.

  • Workers’ Compensation Network Certification Acknowledgment
  • Office employees: Click on the link below to view the training video and take the quiz that follows. Advise Rosie Castillo at (832)553-4668 when the test is completed. https://trainingnetworkonline.com/login?co=5120&v=55802
  • Shop Employees: You will watch the training video in the training room and will answer a quiz.

Is a Payroll Web Based Platform for Employees – Download this application to view your paycheck stubs, W2s, benefits enrollment guide, insurance brochures, SPDs and much more.


Call Rosie Castillo at (832)553-4668 if you don’t receive your log in information within a week.

How to stay in contact with Whirlwind in the event of an emergency.

  • Emergency Communication Form
  • Benefits Guide 

Available through GUARDIAN- Use the appropriate form based on your residence.

  • GA – Class 1
  • All other states- Class 2
  • TX – Class 3

Follow instructions
to complete and sign this form. Section 1 and 5 must be completed entirely. Please write your name as it is appears.

  • W4 Form

Available through United Healthcare.

Available through CIGNA. Whirlwind provides $10,000 of coverage at no cost to the employee. You have the option to increase the amount of your coverage.

Available through COLONIAL. Let us know if your wish to obtain more information. A Colonial representative will get in contact with you to answer your questions and help you with the enrollment paperwork.

Available through Mutual of Omaha.

Salary Reduction Contribution Form. This is an annual plan that allows employees to pay qualified insurance coverage with pre-tax dollars. Select one of these two options:

  • Authorize participation “Pre-Tax” option, check the box next to the applicable benefit and sign the form.
  • Decline participation “sign” and date the “Declination” at the bottom of the form.

Administered by Wage Works. This annual plan allows employees to pay eligible medical care expenses and/or dependent care expenses with pre-tax money. Select one of the two options:

  • Elect to participate
  • Elect NOT to participate

To access your account visit https://participant.wageworks.com/Home.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2F

Under this plan. the employer will automatically enroll you in the plan at 3% contribution rate and will automatically increase 1% annually. To change or stop your contribution, access your account at https://myplan.johnhancock.com/login. You will need to register your account and create an ID and a password. Your automatic enrollment in the plan is effective 1st of the month following your hire date.

(TX employees Only)
Visit https://www.membersourcecu.org/ for more information about their line of services. The application to open a checking or saving account is available in this website. https://www.membersourcecu.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/DTXQH3_cuf.pdf

Refer to the Employee Handbook for the current policy or access the employee benefit guide available at http://New Hire.WhirlwindSteel.com



Please let HR know if you need a printed copy of any of these documents. If we don’t receive your insurance enrollment elections by your eligibility date, we will assume you have declined coverage under the plan.

Return your enrollments forms to bertha.soria@whirlwindsteel.com.

For questions concerning this information, please contact Bertha Soria at 832 553 4629.


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