Sturdi Drain

Gain maximum flexibility with this bendable panel option.

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Sturdi Drain is a low-profile, exposed fastener panel with 36" panel coverage. The clean, sharp repeating profile is ideal for rounded residential and agricultural applications.

The additional ribs in Sturdi Drain make a panel that can be easily bent around a water tower or barn, silo or other rounded building.

sturdi drain metal panel

Add security using Sturdi Drain

Not only does Sturdi Drain have a flexible profile, but it also includes a hidden siphon groove at the underside of the sidelap joint, preventing capillary action that sucks water in, greatly reducing your chance for leaks. Your customers will appreciate this additional feature.

Sturdi-Drain features

Roofing Yes
Siding No
Coverage Width 36"
Rib Spacing 3"
Rib Height 1/2"
Minimum Slope 3:12
Panel Attachment Exposed Fastening System
Gauge 29 GA
Coatings Galvalume Plus®, SMP

Additional specifications

  • Sturdi Drain is a regional panel manufactured only in our Freeport, MN plant

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