Plant Facilities

In complex operations such as oil refineries, power plants, water treatment or other industrial applications, you need a building that's tough and reliable. Manufactured at our plants in the USA, Whirlwind guarantees you a pre-engineered metal plant facility that can stand up to the job.

Your building is pre-engineered using our over 65 years in hands-on metal building manufacturing to meet your every need.


The advantage of using a Whirlwind metal building for fuel- and energy-related facilities is the scope of options available to you in layout and design. Our engineers work with you to create a facility that accommodates all your needs now and well into the future. We can offer attached or separate office buildings with coatings for larger facilities that perform well in corrosive environments that have heights that will accommodate cranes for lifting large, heavy objects.

What our customers say:

“When we had an issue, Whirlwind actually came out to the job site to help solve the problem. No other company has ever done this for us."