Opened in 2006 our Freeport, MN facility specilizes in light gauge steel manufacturing. Offering all four of the key panel profiles favored by discerning customers and a full line of metal components. Freeport allows Whirlwind to serve customers across the United States. Here we recently installed a new Schlebach roll forming machine specifically for standing seam roof panels like our popular Weather Guard product. Using Conestogas for transport means you get weather-tight, center-strap tiedowns and Moffett truck mounted forklifts for on-sight deliveries. And our unique racking system for finished panels ensures you never find damage due to floor storage.

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Freeport MN


500 Whirlwind Drive
Freeport, MN 56331

Phone: 320-863-7200
Toll Free: 888-863-7203
Fax: 320-836-7201

Hours: 8am - 5pm