rake Trim

Finish off the edge of your gable roof with metal rake trim.

For the gable ends of your building or dormers, you can turn to Whirlwind for rake trim that provides the perfect look and fit. 

  • Get rake trim that fits perfectly and is easy to install
  • Choose lengths up to 20'-0 in a variety of colors
  • Bends on the flashing provide strength and match the lines of your other edge trims
  • Use sealant with your rake trim to achieve a true watertight seal
  • Prevent debris, birds, and other vermin from getting inside the building envelope

Five reasons to count on Whirlwind

  1. Be green by using rake trim manufactured with 32-59% recycled and recyclable materials
  2. Finish all projects on time by using a resource that guarantees fast turnaround. Your order arrives at your job site or warehouse on schedule, undamaged and ready to use
  3. Know that all materials are fire resistant, weather resistant and formulated to last up to 40 years or more
  4. Please architects and customers by choosing trim that has an exceptional appearance, in a long list of color options
  5. Save money by ordering from the manufacturer and know that all trim meets your specific requirements

More than just high-quality rake trim

Get our 65 years of experience manufacturing metal components that have earned an extensive list of certifications.