Gutters & Downspouts

Protect your buildings and foundations.

The finishing touches on your metal buildings should not only support the styling and architecture, but effectively protect the building against rain and other potential weather damage.

Gutters and downspouts from Whirlwind easily meet your needs for functionality and style. Whirlwind gutters and downspouts are designed for your exact specifications.

  • Move water away from the structure
  • Keep water and other moisture from coming in the roof, windows, and doors
  • Prevent dirt from splashing onto exterior walls
  • Prevent water and ice backing up against fascias and under roof panels
  • Protect the foundation of the building by keeping water out of the soil immediately around it

Protect your building schedule

Ordering from Whirlwind means that — even with customized orders — you get fast turnaround, on-time delivery and extra care to help ensure your order arrives undamaged.

Rely on Whirlwind every time you need quality metal building materials.