Metal Eave Trim

Effectively seal joints and enhance your buildings' visual appeal with eave trim.

Whirlwind can provide you with exactly the form and fit you need in your eave trim to ensure your building's appeal and keep it watertight. Every piece of eave trim from Whirlwind is made to:

  • Seal the top edge of sidewall panels
  • Allow the roof to sidewall transition to look more visually pleasing
  • Give the roof to sidewall transition a more finished look
  • Prevent debris, birds, and other vermin from getting inside the building envelope

As a manufacturer, Whirlwind can quickly customize any component to meet your building specifications. Whirlwind has the expertise and the service you need to successfully finish any metal building — regardless of its design.

Discover all the advantages of Whirlwind as your metal components resource

Count on our more than 65 years of experience manufacturing quality metal building components. Standard or customized, every single order is backed by the Whirlwind mission:

  • Unmatched customer service that meets your delivery schedule
  • Quality products you can trust
  • IAS-certified manufacturing
  • Cost-efficient use of products engineered to meet your specific requirements — eliminating excess material