Door, Window &
Opening Trim

Protect and add an aesthetic appeal to every building with metal trim.

Trim around the doors, windows and openings of your metal buildings needs to be weatherproof, durable and easily cleaned. As the final touch to metal residences and commercial buildings, this trim also adds to a building's aesthetic appeal.

At Whirlwind we understand the importance of this final trim and provide you with the options, colors and finishes you need to support the look and purpose of your buildings.

Experience easy installation and achieve a finished look

Our trim is installed by sliding the back leg behind the wall panel and attaching with the common wall fastener so no fasteners are required on the face of the trim.

Whether the trim you need is for siding, under windows, at eaves, around porch doors, at corners or window jambs, know that Whirlwind can meet your needs.

Trust Whirlwind for all your metal building components

Whirlwind is recognized in the industry for remarkably fast turnaround, on-time delivery and products that are packed to arrive undamaged.

With every order, you get the best of our 65 years of experience manufacturing metal components that have earned an extensive list of certifications.