Metal Corner Trim

Easily seal and finish metal building corners with Whirlwind corner trim.

With more than half a century's experience in the industry and a product line-up that is second to none, Whirlwind goes beyond the scope of the traditional metal building manufacturing company.

When it's time to seal the corners of your metal building(s), you can turn to no better resource than Whirlwind. You not only get top-quality materials directly from the manufacturer, but you gain all of these valuable benefits:

  • Quality: Whirlwind goes through stringent testing to ensure they meet the highest construction standards
  • Certifications: Whirlwind has an extensive list of product certifications so you can order with confidence
  • Products you can trust: Know that the corner trim and every other metal component you buy is available in a variety of colors and finishes that are fully fire resistant, green and are formulated to last 40 years or more
  • IAS certified: Our manufacturing facilities in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia are all IAS certified
  • Service: Whirlwind meets your delivery schedule, plus takes every step possible to help ensure your materials arrive on time and undamaged
  • Money saving: By using metal materials that are custom made and can be engineered to meet your specific requirements — you enjoy the cost savings by eliminating excess material