Metal Trim

Put the perfect finishing touches on all your buildings.

Whirlwind metal trim is engineered to your exact specifications to finish and protect your buildings. Whirlwind metal trim helps:

  • Stop debris from becoming wedged between panels
  • Seal joints on walls and roof lines
  • Prevent water from being trapped and causing damage
  • Protect against the weather by sealing your buildings

Turn to Whirlwind with confidence for our:

  • Expertise: Puts 60+ years of experience into the manufacture of quality metal building components
  • Service: Meets your schedules and helps ensure that components arrive on time, undamaged
  • Choice: Offers a wide selection of trim specs, finishes, and colors
  • Savings: Delivers materials that are engineered to meet exact requirements — eliminating excess material
  • Durability: Ensures that all materials have undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest construction standards
  • IAS Certification: Attains IAS Certification for facilities in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia 


Finish your building in style with our wide selection of attractive metal trim options.


Gutters & Downsprouts

The finishing touches on your metal buildings should support the styling and architecture and effectively protect the building against rain and other potential weather damage. Gutters and downspouts from Whirlwind easily meet your needs for functionality and style.

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Eave Trim

Eave trim is essential in sealing metal roofs from weather and giving them a truly finished look. Whirlwind provides you with exactly the form and fit you need to ensure your building's appeal and keep it secure.

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Rake Trim

Rake Trim

Make the sloping-edge ends of metal roofs water tight with rake trim from Whirlwind. They provide the perfect look and the perfect fit.

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Corner Trim

When it's time to seal the corners of your metal building(s), you can turn to no better resource than Whirlwind. You get top-quality materials directly from the manufacturer, and gain a long list of valuable benefits.

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Door, Window & Opening Trim

Door, Window & Opening Trim

At Whirlwind we understand that the door, window and opening trim on your metal buildings needs to be weatherproof, durable, easily cleaned and add visual appeal. Whirlwind has all the colors and finishes you need to achieve all of these goals.

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Ridge Trim

When you seal the joints where two roof panels come together, you want the trim you use to be weatherproof, durable and to enhance the style of the roofing. Finish every roof with durable, attractive ridge trim from Whirlwind.

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