Roof-Mount Solar Racks

Easily and efficiently mount rooftop solar racking that stands up to the elements.

With roof-mount solar racking from Whirlwind, you get high-quality, cost-effective rack systems for solar arrays that are built to make it easier on you, the contractor.

Using Whirlwind roof-mount solar racks you can rely on our experienced engineering team to help you develop an economical, erector-friendly rack system that makes the least impact on the roofing structure.

  • Reduce the number of parts that can complicate installation
  • Optimize the rack angle to absorb the greatest amount of direct sunlight
  • Calculate the weight and potential loads of snow on the roofing
  • Provide rugged solar racking built to withstand 90-mile-per-hour winds
  • Maintain the style of the building with aesthetically pleasing roof-mount solar racking
  • Use only green materials that can be recycled at the end of their lives
  • Meet or exceed all structural, safety and other regulatory requirements

Rely on the resource that supports your construction deadlines

You can depend on Whirlwind's more than 65 years of experience manufacturing quality metal building components, including roof-mount solar racking.

Whirlwind makes and keeps these promises:

  • Receive unmatched customer service and advice
  • Know your order will arrive on time to help keep your project on schedule
  • Get custom-made, high-quality roof-mount solar racking that is manufactured in IAS-certified facilities