Ground-Mount Solar Racks

Simplify mounting solar panels with Whirlwind ground-mount racking.

Many building types or locations cannot accommodate roof-mounted solar, so ground- or pole-mounted racks are required using underground wiring. Motors can be added to ground-mounted solar so the panels can adjust throughout the day based on sun position to increase the amount of power they generate.

Turn to our experienced engineering team to help you develop an economical, erector-friendly ground-mount rack system that saves you time and provides a rugged, reliable and long-lasting structure.

  • Select your 12-, 14- or 16-gauge racking
  • Order racking that is fully customized to your specific installation
  • Select from our standard red-oxide finish or optional G90 coated galvanized
  • Reduce the number of parts that can complicate installation
  • Optimize the rack angle to absorb the greatest amount of direct sunlight
  • Provide rugged solar racking built to withstand 90-mile-per-hour winds
  • Use only green materials that can be recycled at the end of their lives
  • Meet or exceed all structural, safety and other regulatory requirements

The red-oxide material conforms to ASTM A1101 Grade 55 and the galvanized material conforms to ASTM A653 Grade 55. All material meets the requirements of the Light Gauge Structural Institute (LGSI).

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