Solar Racks

Make your buildings green and give your customers free energy with solar racks.

For customers wanting a clean, green and low-cost source of energy, there's no better solution than a solar system mounted on a roof-top or ground-mount solar rack from Whirlwind.

Whirlwind has long specialized in supplying alternative steel racking components for the solar industry and commercial and utility markets. We've supplied over 4,500 tons of our custom cold-formed galvanized steel products in the last few years alone. Each Whirlwind rack is:

  • Made from green materials that can be recycled at the end of their lives
  • Built to withstand 90-mile-per-hour winds
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed all structural, safety and other regulatory requirements
  • A high-quality, cost-effective rack system for solar arrays that makes it easier on contractors

experienced engineering team & custom fabrication capabilities

Whirlwind has worked with many companies designing and installing large-scale solar arrays. These clients discovered that, by working through the design details with our team, they achieved a rack system that perfectly matches their design, budget and installation needs.

Whirlwind does not have a pre-engineered rack system. Instead, we work with you to develop an economical, erector-friendly rack system that accommodates the solar panels and their unique balance of electrical system requirements as well as your structural and design concerns wherever the racks will be located.

Eliminate solar rack construction complications

At Whirlwind, we typically use economical cold-formed G90 galvanized steel and incorporate state-of-the-art roll-forming equipment when manufacturing our main framing members. All of our components are IAS-AC72 and CSA Standard W47-1 approved and certified. Our production processes allow for flexibility and precise factory tolerances, and the efficient designs eliminate many of the small parts and pieces that complicate other rack solutions.

If you're ready to make a move to the most economical solar arrays around, please contact a Whirlwind sales representative today. You'll speak to an engineer who can help you select the structural members that make the most sense for your rack system design.


Our cold-formed steel solar racks make it easy to enjoy greater energy efficiency and increased savings.



Roof-mount solar racks from Whirlwind are high-quality, cost-effective rack systems for solar arrays.

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Simplify mounting solar panels with ground-mount racking from Whirlwind.

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