Primary Metal Framing

Get primary metal framing for any standard or custom building application.

Whirlwind offers a variety of pre-engineered framing for use in any application — or we can customize framing to meet your exact needs.

Standard framing options include:

  • Welded Rigid Frame (WRF): Choose this option to achieve the widest possible spans without interior columns. The tapered members of the WRF make it an economical choice for hangars and other wide-open applications
  • Lean-Tos (LT): Ideal for use as office structures, attached to larger buildings, lean-to framing is an economical solution for expanding existing buildings. This simple span frame design provides minimal horizontal thrust so foundation costs are minimized
  • Column and Beam (CB): For wide buildings requiring interior columns, CB frames may be used with bar joist roof purlins and interior columns may be recessed for a clean appearance
  • Single Slope Welded Ridged Frame (SSRF): This building layout is ideal when drainage restrictions are issues, such as in strip shopping centers. This single slope welded ridged frame is available with straight columns and interior columns
  • Welded Tapered Beam (WTB): The welded tapered beam is a great choice for maximizing floor space. The straight sidewalls make it easier to install interior finishes and, because of the minimal horizontal frame base reaction, a less costly foundation can be used