Metal Hangar Doors

Accommodate any aircraft or vehicle.

Building aircraft hangars or buildings for large agricultural equipment requires large, heavy-duty doors that can span large distances without exterior columns.

Whirlwind has more than 65 years of experience manufacturing steel hangars, doors and the door spans they require. Whirlwind is your source for hangar doors that meet your exact specifications:

  • Pre-engineered of heavy-duty steel for decades of use
  • Customized and can be made extra wide and high to fit your requirements
  • Designed to fit on any pre-engineered steel building
  • Fully weather-proofed and available with or without insulation

Receive high-quality support

Not only are the steel hangar doors from Whirlwind top-quality, they are all backed by our more than 60 years of experience manufacturing metal building components. We meet your deadlines to keep your projects on schedule and deliver products that reduce installation time and provide long-term customer satisfaction.