Featured Project: Peerless Aluminum Products Retrofitting

Published January 8, 2020 by Whirlwind Team

It’s no secret that standing seam metal roofs are the premier roofing solution in the construction industry. The long-term durability, weathertightness, and aesthetics are second to none. What may surprise you is the use of these type of roof systems in a retrofit application - particularly over existing through-fastened or exposed fastener metal roof systems.


completed retrofit job


When Peerless Aluminum Products in Fort Scott, Kansas needed an entirely new roof it seemed as if it called for an entire overhaul and replacement of 13,000 square-foot roof which had patched leaks from wear and an exposed fastener system. They contacted their contractor of choice, John Houk Construction, Bronaugh, MO.to replace the existing roof. Houk then contacted their material supplier 4W Metal Building Supply Inc. 4-W reached out to a Whirlwind District Sales Manager, Rick Long, for a quote. Rick informed 4-W that we could provide a much better solution than removing the roof and replacing it.


before retrofit - bare roof


A meeting was arranged between all the parties and Don Riggs, roofing specialist with Whirlwind, presented the standing seam retrofit solution. Since this would be a new process for 4-W and Houk, Whirlwind sent Don to be on site for the installation of the new roof system. Although, the progress was impeded by a previous roofing company when they applied a polyurethane foam to the old roof to repair leaks which had failed.



stand-off clip


Houk had to have a crew remove the foam ahead of the installation of the new roofing. Using our Super Seam Plus Standing Seam Roof System, they applied the new material over the existing roof with special movable concealed clips and new fiberglass insulation. This provided Peerless with a solution that did not expose the interior of the building to weather, increased the energy efficiency and provided a complete weathertight roof system. Even with the foam removal, the job was able to be completed in under a week. Retrofitting often takes only a fraction of the time compared to roof removal and replacement.


installing panel


Whirlwind’s in-house resources, onsite availability and exceptional service made it possible to provide a viable solution to a customer that we look forward to working with in the future.


installing retrofit job


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Fort Scott, KS

Contractor Houk Construction
Products Used

Roof panel: Super Seam Plus





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