Featured Project: Pineywoods Storage at Oakcrest

Published November 3, 2020 by Whirlwind Team

Pineywoods Storage at Oakcrest opened on September 8th, 2018, almost an exact year after construction started in September 2017. With a climate-controlled interior, open and covered storage with interior electrical outlets in some of the units, it is a storage facility wonderland.


How did this facility come about? Jason Kopke bought land in 2016 when he noticed “the need for a quality storage facility in the Cypress area.” It is clear there is a growing market for storage facilities, whether it is for decluttering or moving, Kopke was sure to include options for everyone’s needs.


When bidding on this project, Whirlwind reached out to Kopke with what he said was “a comprehensive solution for all buildings including boat, RV, climate-controlled storage, drop off canopies, covered storage and a main office.” Kopke was easily able to complete his project having to only work with one metal provider for all the materials needed.


Choosing 26-gauge Super Span X Fern Green for the roofing and Super Span X Surfsand for the walls along with bright and welcoming colors sets Jason's business apart from any other around him. With seven buildings, the largest being an 80-foot by 380-foot for RV and boat storage, there is plenty of space for everyone’s belongings and weekend toys.


We asked Kopke what some positives were while working with us, to that he replied, “the ease of delivery.” Thanks to customers such as Kopke, we are able to continue providing quality products with commitment to service.

Our promise for no surprises in communication means we will always tell you of any changes and to do the right thing to resolve any problems. If you are interested in creating a self-storage facility know that Whirlwind Steel has everything you need to make the perfect building for you.


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