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Published October 4, 2019 by Whirlwind Team

It’s safe to say Ray Rekoff has been involved in the construction industry his entire life. The owner of Galveston Rentals, Inc. and B.O.I Construction Company, his family’s history in the trade goes back to the 1930’s starting with Ray’s grandpa who initially sparked his interest. Being in the business of building, Ray couldn’t help but see the need for construction equipment rentals on his home island, Galveston.


It started in 1998 when the former island’s rental company, A1 Rentals, was replaced by United Rentals. Shortly after opening, United Rental shut that location down in 1999 which would make the residents of Galveston take a trip into the mainland when they needed forklifts, excavators, or various other machinery.

That changed in 2000 when Galveston Rentals opened on a piece of city property close to the islands’ airport. The company served the community well but in 2008 when Hurricane Ike hit, all their equipment was lost as well as structural damage to their 2,500 square-foot facility. It was a devastating time for business owners and residents on the island. When it came to fighting for the funds they needed to get their business back up and running, like for most, it was an uphill battle but eventually they were able to get new equipment and repair their building. Soon after the storm, Ray’s daughter became involved in the business and today manages the company along with her brother-in-law, Alan which has also made for great team to help the business succeed. From that success, the family was able to move into their new building.


Since the move had to be quick, Ray needed something that could go up swiftly. After researching his options, he decided a metal building would be ideal. Starting in late 2017, by May 2018 the building was up and ready to use. One of the many reasons Ray decided on a pre-engineered metal building was the time he could save on erection.


The larger space allowed Galveston Rentals to expand and house more equipment. The business went from a 2,500 square foot building to a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Ray’s daughter, Jenna, explained how important the larger space was for the equipment saying, “being on an island, everything rusts much quicker so we are able to store our equipment inside to protect it and extend its life span.”



With the new space and updated look, they were able to become a vendor for “big names” like Stihl and Honda products to both rent and sell. Ray stated that “the building was up in no less than two and half weeks once it was delivered which is crazy to me, everything was just as it needed to be for erection which made it the easiest part of the project. Because of this new building we were able to accommodate more equipment and offer better products for our customers and have a better work environment as well.”




8435 Stewart Rd.

Galveston, TX 77546

Owner Ray Rekoff
Products Used

Roof panel: Super Span X

Wall panel: Low Rib X

Framing: Red Oxide Primer


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