Construction Management Software: Using Technology to Estimate Accurately, Streamline Document Management & Increase Profits

Published May 29, 2017 by Whirlwind Team

 construction management software benefits

According to a survey by Capterra in partnership with Procore, construction management software still has only 50% penetration in the construction industry.  One-third of companies use Excel while others rely on email, VPN, or a mix of methods. A few have no formal construction management process at all.

There are so many benefits to construction management software that it’s difficult to see what is keeping the construction industry from adopting the technology.

Construction management software helps construction managers and project managers organize the projects and workforce required for the industry’s complex functions. You find construction managers using the software in every industry segment including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Many of the tools available within the software suite include those that help with:

  • Drawing management
  • Tracking project financials
  • Forecasting
  • Change-order management
  • Document management
  • Project scheduling
  • Correspondence
  • Estimating

Mobile devices have proliferated in the workplace, including the jobsite. Project and construction managers need a fully-functional tool to allow them to access, modify, and share project documents, schedules, and other important information to streamline daily operations and speed completion times.

Read about the biggest benefits of construction project management software. Once you do, you’ll want to try it yourself as soon as possible.


Estimate accurately with construction management software

Construction management software enables you to develop increasingly accurate estimates. Since PMs are held accountable for errors and over-budget projects. It is crucial to start with an accurate estimate. Better estimates lead to more negotiating leverage with subcontractors and vendors.

Construction management software contains features that can:

  • Perform fast, accurate take-offs
  • Automatically share data with the project manager and accounting
  • Prevent errors
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and the need for recalculations

General contractors can challenge subs and vendors on high bids with confidence in the estimate numbers. Low bid quantities can be confirmed as well. If you want to swap out materials for a revised estimate or to value-engineer a project, CM software easily performs the calculations to make your project more cost-efficient.

As you use the features throughout multiple projects, you can begin to develop tighter bids, prevent errors, and save time during the bidding process. In fact, you can accelerate proposal creation so you can send out more to score more projects. Accurate proposals win you more jobs and increase the profit potential for each one.

Construction management software also provides accurate estimates for scheduling labor, materials, and equipment.

There is less waste, reduced over and under ordering, and fewer re-supply delays. You can automatically create the job budget and billing schedule and automate your purchasing processes with the estimate details already in the system. Just-in-time delivery schedules reduce the need to store materials on site; the risk of damaged or stolen material is much lower.

You will end up with an electronic “job folder” with all project related information and data in one place, eliminating the risk that the project manager will not receive information from the estimator.

Streamline document management with the help of construction technology

Like many industries, construction is awash in paper. The offices have file cabinets for days. Everyone lugs around binders, briefcases, and bags of drawings, schedules, and orders. The Capterra survey we mentioned earlier found that over a third of construction managers who do not use CM software waste two or more hours daily managing documentation and spend the same amount of time or more performing documentation.

Get rid of all that paperwork by changing to digital document storage and management. Your staff can easily create professional-looking documents for all your needs, including: 

  • RFIs
  • Transmittals
  • Submittals and submittal packages
  • Business letters
  • Change requests
  • Daily field reports
  • Checklists
  • Project plans

Every piece of paper you use can be created as part of an electronic file and stored within your computer system. You are much less likely to lose these items and can easily access and retrieve them at a moment’s notice using any device. You no longer need to travel back to the office to pick up forgotten contracts and plans.

The system can be set to notify the appropriate parties about deadlines and changes. You will have an audit trail to hold everyone accountable. In the case of future litigation, you have everything together to help make your case. Take that, inspectors!

Software to manage construction safety

A further benefit of electronic document management is in safety. OSHA requirements become more stringent every year and are quick to pursue court action against non-conforming companies.

With workflow software with audit trail capabilities, you can create assignable action items with due dates that track back to the critical path schedule so that nothing will be missed, inlcuding:

  • Training completion
  • Jobsite safety management
  • Open communication to keep everyone in the loop

You can miss out on fines, withheld payments, and project delays, not to mention legal action.

Improve business growth and profits

Construction management software can help you increase profits and grow your business.

  • Cut your print costs in half
  • Increase your sales by 25% to 100%
  • Win more sales

You’ll have so much winning! (Hey, if the President of the United States says it, it’s a thing.)

Almost 80% of the construction managers responding to Capterra’s survey reported an increase in the number of projects they won since implementing construction management software. More than 60% reported winning projects 25 to 50% more often that before they used a CM solution.

Project completion rates improved through streamline processes and efficient service delivery. Projects are planned, controlled and coordinated end-to-end. Communication sharing and distribution are quick and clear. PMs effectively manage all the different parts of their role:

  • Sourcing project leads
  • Selecting suitable building ground
  • Calculating design, architectural, and building costs

An integrated construction management solution securely stores all your information and provides you with a dashboard to help predict profitability and identify areas for savings. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

The construction industry has a deserved reputation for slow technology adoption. But when you realize the efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth that construction management software can give you, you’ll do a great big face palm for not making the transition sooner. Today’s software is designed for ease of use, enabling your team to ensure every project goes according to plan.

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