5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Metal Garage

Published July 5, 2015 by Whirlwind Team

Don't let that metal garage just sit there; put that thing to work. Metal garages are one of the most versatile metal building products on the market. They can serve as a learning tool, a straight-forward, do-it-yourself project as you work up to bigger and better metal building projects, and are a perfect solution for keeping your property more neat and tidy.

Whether you choose to use it as the primary parking spot for your car or toys, or as your new and improved hobby shop, uses for a metal garage are numerous.

5 Great Ways to Capitalize on Metal Garages & Maximize Their Potential

In addition to being useful, metal garages can earn or save you money. In many cases, parking your car(s) or toy(s) in a garage will reduce the total premium on any associated insurance bills. Garages add value to your property, especially if you have an older home without an existing covered carport or garage. If you use your garage for moneymaking hobbies, side jobs or other income earnings, there is also a chance your garage can save you money at tax time.

Keeping those exciting tidbits in mind, here are five uses for a metal garage that go beyond the need to shelter your cars.

  1. Extra storage. Well, you can either keep paying those monthly storage fees year in and year out, or you can put that same money to work on your own property. Sometimes, storage fees become a rote monthly payment - but over the years, they add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars. If that's the case for your family, it's time to add a metal garage on the property. Just the act of moving your stuff from your old unit to the new garage will help you go through all that old stuff so you can purge it of anything you don't use or need. Then, you'll have all of your goodies within close proximity and that monthly payment will go right back into your pocket once the garage is paid off.
  2. Add a guest house to your property. Invest in a slightly larger garage plan and you will benefit from extra storage as well as room to convert part of the garage into a guest space. Clients who utilize this option experience multi-fold benefits. Guest houses are great for in-laws, friends and family - giving everyone a little more privacy and autonomy. If you have young-adult children living at home, the guest space can offer them a "launch pad" of sorts, providing a buffer between living at home - inside the home - and the real world. If you plan to age in place, your guest house can eventually become a space for a caregiver to reside. In the meantime, you can advertise it on popular vacation rental websites, like airbnb.com, as a way to earn extra income (there's that tax write-off potential again...) and to meet people from all over the country and the world. If you do choose to go this route, schedule an appointment with the local building department to make sure you comply with local residential or "granny unit" building codes.
  3. Finally enjoy the studio you've always wanted. Do your art or craft supplies spend more time tucked away in a guest room closet than they do at the end of your fingertips? Were you an avid musician who put those dreams to rest with the addition of a marriage and kids? Your metal garage is a place for you to recreate yourself, or rebirth that old self, by turning it into a music or art studio. Once it's set up, you'll find the creative juices are flowing again and the mess and/or noise can be nicely contained, away from your home's main living areas.
  4. Your hobby shop. Similarly, many hobby mechanics, car restorers, RC model builders, wood workers, etc., find the regular garage space is simply not big enough to accommodate both cars and hobby. Metal garages are ideal hobby shops. They can be amended with extra electrical outlets, plumbing and an HVAC system. Consider upgrading the insulation and other amenities so your new hobby shop is comfortable - and energy efficient - year-round.
  5. Make it your home office. At first, your interior home office might be enough, but once you grow your business, odds are you'll need a larger, dedicated workspace so your work life and home life aren't continuously spilling into one another. By converting a metal garage into a home office, you can keep the kids out of your office supplies, create the particular ambiance you need to work efficiently or present a more professional appearance when clients visit you at home.

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