Your Guide to Corrugated Metal Roofing

Published June 3, 2015 by Whirlwind Team

corrugated metal roof panels

Not too long ago, corrugated roofing was the stuff of commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. If we said the words, "Ever thought about metal roofing...." to residential clients, more often than not, they turned up their noses and replied something like, "...aren't those for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings?"

Not any more! Now that contemporary architectural design trends are increasing in popularity, so too are stylish corrugated metal roofs. They're durable (can you say 40-year warranty?), low-maintenance (can you say no new roof for 40 years or more?) and they look great too (get out your color swatches because it's time to trick your metal roof out in style.).

Your Guide to the Increasingly Popular Corrugated Metal Roof

The following is a basic guide to corrugated roofing and how it will make a difference for your next metal building project.

Why corrugate the roofing in the first place?

Yes, corrugated roofs look pretty neat with their curvaceous and textured appearance. But, we admit, that when it came to their original design, it was all about function and less about looks. There are multiple advantages to creating corrugated planes. For one thing, corrugated panels are stiffer and more resilient to pressure/impact. So, an unseasonably rough hailstorm or a broken branch off a tree is much less likely to do any permanent damage. In fact, when it comes to weather damage, corrugated metal roofing products are unrivaled. They can be engineered to handle just about any wind speed or snow load.

In addition to it's durability, coated metal roofs are also resistant to rust and corrosion and are better for the environment from the the beginning to the end of their life cycle.

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3 Major Benefits of Corrugated Metal Roofing Products

We're going to skip the well-known benefit of affordability, durability and longevity. If you are interested in learning more about those attributes, read Strengthen Your Building With a Metal Roof. Now, we'll move on to additional benefits.

High-Quality Metal Roofs Save on Maintenance. There are multiple features and benefits offered by a high-quality metal roof.

  • Coated metal roofs prevent corrosion. A GALVALUME® Metal Roof arrives with one of the most superior coating products on the market already in place. Galvanized steel has long been known for its moisture-resistant properties. The GALVALUME® coating takes this technology a step further, creating an even more moisture-resistant alloy, comprised of aluminum, zinc and silicone. With very little maintenance, your coated metal roof will rarely - if ever - need to be re-coated.
  • Water-shedding and waterproofing design. Your roof can be designed with either water-shedding or water-proofing features, depending on your climate and the building's location. This is one more step in protecting your roof and your building from water and moisture damage. When paired with a well-designed gutter and downspout system, your corrugated roof will work to keep your building leak-free.
  • No need to worry about loose or missing roofing materials. Traditional shingle or tile-based roofing systems require continuous maintenance over the years due to ripped or fly-away shingles, or chipped, cracked and broken tiles. Not so with a corrugated roof. It's installed using expansive sheets that, when designed and installed correctly, should never fly away, tear, chip, crack or fall off.

Corrugated Roofs are Environmentally FriendlySustainable buildings and building materials are in high-demand, which is one of the reasons corrugated roofs have become so popular. Metal building components are fabricated using a high-percentage of pre- and post-consumer materials. Once they are installed, they are very low-maintenance and have a life expectancy two- and three-times longer than traditional material counterparts, which conserves further resources. Finally, when it is time to replace the roof or tear down the building, your corrugated roof can be recycled.

Additionally, a metal roof easily accommodates solar panels, which means designing, installing and maintaining a solar energy system just got that much simpler.

Metal Roofs Improve Interior Comfort. Heating and cooling accounts for the large majority of most buildings' utility consumption. The more efficient your building materials are, the less your heating/cooling system has to work, which makes a noticeable difference on your annual gas and electric expenditures. Cool metal roofs work to reflect the sun's heat back into the atmosphere, which keeps your interior cooler and slashes A/C use. If you live in a cooler climate, your roof can be painted a darker color, which will help to absorb the sun's rays so you can benefit from solar heat gain.

You Can Install a Metal Roofing System on Your Own. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to corrugated metal roofs is that you can install them all on your own a little construction know-how. We recommend reading this "How-To" Guide from

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