5 Tips to Branding Your Construction Company

Published June 19, 2014 by Whirlwind Team

branding construction companyFirst of all, what is “branding?” In a way the word does hark back to putting marks on livestock to show whose ranch they came from. But for companies it goes much farther (and isn’t painful). Branding refers to the totality of the experience customers come to expect when interacting with your company. It helps differentiate your company from all the others.

If you think about those businesses you work with you will find that many bring a specific picture into your mind of what that company does and what it’s like to work with them. You know to expect a certain level of customer service, a particular culture and quality. All of this has become ingrained into that company’s image and most of it was cultivated purposefully: to build a brand that would be recognized and become shorthand for all the best qualities of the business.

Here are 5 tips to get you started building a brand for your construction company.

1) Design or Select an Appropriate Logo

If you haven’t already, design (or hire someone to help you design) a logo that shows what your company does. If you specialize in residential construction try to work that into the design. Maybe you work in the medical facility space – use this as a starting point for a logo.

Color selection is part of logo design as well. Keep your basic color scheme to two or, at most, three contrasting colors that can be worked into your website, business cards, and other branded materials.

2) Humanize Your Website and Proposals

Put bios on your website, including photos, of prominent people in your company. This gives people a face to put to the business and is an excellent place to provide individual credentials, experience, and titles.

The bios can be an excellent source of SEO with keywords used to express areas of expertise. This information can be added to your proposals as well. Humans are geared to remember faces so putting your company’s faces on your site and documents will make you more memorable when it comes time to choose a company.

3) Public Relations

Good old-fashioned PR can be used to promote your brand and your people outside of your website. Create brochures for your experts to either highlight specific parts of your company or to publicize your niche.

Public relations can also be a point of entry into the trade publications and associations. By providing the trades and groups with valuable content concerning your company and your team you can get your name out to those most likely to need you.

4) Use the Web

Your website is your digital home. You want it to make visitors comfortable. It should be easy to see from your home page exactly what it is you do, where you are located, and how to contact you. Make sure your phone number is prominently displayed. The rest of the site should be easy to navigate and search for specific information.

Don’t forget to put that shiny new logo on all your content, especially that meant for customer downloads.

5) Maximize Visibility

Be sure to flash that logo whenever you can. Put it on the company vehicles, billboards, signs at your current sites, and anywhere else customers might see it. Make it as easy as possible to find you on the web or by phone. Have sales hand out collateral with your business logo and information on it. When you participate in community activities, put together materials for a booth or banner to show off your business.

A Final Word

Your brand will only be as good as your reputation and your work. Branding might attract customers but it is up to you to give them an outstanding experience. Always find ways to reinforce the promise of your brand so that when people see your logo and company name they automatically think about you positively and with specific knowledge of what you do.


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