The 3 Cs of Steel Hunting Cabins

Published March 15, 2017 by Whirlwind Team

steel hunting cabins

It’s never too early to prepare for hunting season. And if you have ever dreamed of having your very own cozy little hunting cabin, now is a great time to check out your options. Whether you have thought of the typical log cabin or a well-appointed woodland home, a steel hunting cabin can meet your needs and desires.

Here are the 3 Cs of selecting a steel hunting cabin.


Steel buildings, including hunting cabins, are much more cost-effective to construct and maintain than wood structures. That’s all there is to it.

The price of wood continues to rise, and a wood structure will require replacement much sooner than steel. Besides, did you know it takes up to 50 trees to build a traditional structure such as a garage or barn? Replacing mature trees takes decades and wood is difficult to recycle as a building material.

Not only is steel a more cost-effective material for building, with today’s pre-engineered steel structures the cabin can be put up in pretty short order. Plus it can be insured for less than a wood frame building.

  • Steel structures are lighter: The foundation does not need to be as extensive as that of a wood-frame structure because of steel's lighter weight. Steel panels are lightweight and do not require overly large columns or frames. In turn, you have less settling and fewer cracks or shifts in the foundation.
  • Save money on maintenance and repairs: Steel buildings also save money on maintenance and repairs. Steel suffers less wear and tear over the years, and many routine repairs are inexpensive. You will need to reseal seams or refinish the panels but not as often as a wood cabin. Since critters find it difficult to chew their way in, you shouldn't have to fix holes in the wall or roof every time you go hunting.
  • Steel is sustainable: Sustainability is another big plus in the cost department. A metal hunting cabin has plenty of space for insulation to keep the indoor environment comfortable without spending a fortune on gas or electricity. Steel, itself, is a sustainable material. All steel is 100% recyclable, so if you need to take your cabin down, the metal can be recycled into another steel product.

Sustainable materials cost less because they are not placed in landfills to take up space, they are reused and repurposed to take advantage of the longevity of steel as a building material.

  • Metal buildings are fire resistant: We've had some dry years and large forest fires lately. Steel is resistant to fire and does not spread it. The finish may get charred, and some of the items inside become damaged by the heat and smoke, but the frame and panels can stand up to fires and heat. You save replacement costs and save on insurance.

Many insurance policies provide discounts for using fire-resistant materials. Besides the steel frame and panels, you can install fire-resistant insulation and invest in coatings that can withstand more heat.

  • Light-colored roofs reduce heat: Speaking of coatings, depending on where your hunting cabin is located, you can save on utilities by going with a white or light-colored steel roof. In the heat of summer, you may need to reflect some of the sunlight to reduce reliance on air conditioning or other cooling devices.


Wood is prone to problems from termites to fire, and it deteriorates quickly. This doesn't seem to be a sound investment for a shelter that can sit unused for a fair portion of the year.

Steel is resistant to bugs, animals, fire, and most other hazards faced by a building in the middle of the woods or out on the prairie. This makes it an excellent storage facility for supplies and some of the comforts of home.

Steel is also extremely easy to clean so using part of your cabin as a mudroom is made particularly simple. Steel doesn’t mold, stain, or corrode easily in the damp so placing wet, muddy boots and equipment or dropping off fresh kills is no problem. When it is time to clean up, you have a variety of easy and inexpensive cleaning options to choose from.

Additional storage is always welcome, and a steel structure can be designed with plenty of it. Closets or mudrooms for outerwear, boots, and equipment are a necessity in hunting as is storage for firearms, first aid equipment, and food.


Steel buildings can be designed in any size or shape you could want, including a multiple room domicile. Additions are also a simple process. With flexible floor plans and a wide selection of interior and exterior looks you can still have that “log cabin” you always wanted.


You can design the exterior in a variety of textures and looks. You can create anything from the “old, red barn” to the “log cabin in the woods.” You can have any color finish you want; you can hide your cabin from plain sight by making it match its surroundings or make it hard for squatters and thieves to find when you are not in residence.

Alternatively, you can paint it a bright color to make it stand out and easy to see. Maybe the hunters in your area aren't too careful where they aim their rifles or bows, and you need the extra visibility.

Doors and windows can be placed anywhere you prefer and building in electrical hook-ups is a breeze. Walls and ceilings can be insulated to retain heat during those cool fall nights. And a roof designed for the environment can shed snow, keep out rain, or beat off the heat of the sun when needed.

Is there a need to expand your cabin? No problem. Metal hunting cabins are easy to add onto, including a different type of structure. You can add or connect a storage shed, another bedroom, or you can expand the kitchen area for meat processing space.

Steel outperforms other building materials, particularly wood. With a structure that will not be inhabited but for a few weeks out of the year, you need a robust structure that can withstand the elements, reduce the cost of repairs, and require minimal maintenance.

With this type of low-cost, quickly constructed, and comfortable cabin available to you, why would you think of anything else?

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