Social Media and Your Contractor Business

Published February 3, 2014 by Whirlwind Team

social media for contractorsYou have a website. Your Yellow Pages ad has your web address and email address along with your phone number. You have a healthy direct mail campaign. What are you missing?

If you aren’t leveraging social media you are ignoring a potent partner to support all your marketing efforts. Social media, as with every other popular medium, has attracted businesses to it because that is where the customers are.

A Bullhorn for Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the most valuable marketing you have. Social media provides a bullhorn for others to trumpet your business to their friends, customers, associates, and whomever else they can reach. Advertising has lost some of its shine; people want to hear from others whether they should trust your business. They turn to social networks to ask opinions and gather information.

Social networks are great places to put testimonials, promote references, and show people your affiliations through joining professional groups and following association social pages.

An Adjunct Website                                                              

Both Facebook and Linked In provide business pages where your contractor business can be found. Rather than depend entirely on your website to get your information out, build pages on the social networks where your clients, prospects, and, yes, even your competition, hang out. While this may seem like duplication of effort, think of it as a digital billboard on a busy highway.

And don’t make anyone take extra steps to find you. Put any information on your social site that a prospective customer might want to know. Don’t just put a link to your website; that could be one step too many.

A Listening Post

Social media is the place where people go to complain, compliment, and request information. Use the sites to learn what the hot topics are in your industry. Armed with this intelligence you can start providing answers to people’s problems, a best practice in marketing.

You can also learn how your competition is using social media as well as find out if your business is under discussion. If someone is unhappy with your service, you want to know about it ASAP so you can address any shortcomings and avoid bad press.

A Handy Photo Gallery

All social networks provide places for images and photos. As a construction contractor what better way to show your wares? There are even social sites where pictures are the main event; think Pinterest and Instagram.

And don’t just put pictures of completed projects, show projects in progress, create educational videos, and promote materials from blog posts to white papers to show your expertise and thought leadership in your field.

Social media is where your contractor business needs to be. Your competition is already there. While print advertising is not dead and your website has everything anyone could ever need to hire you as their contractor, you need to leverage every competitive advantage to get in front of the right eyeballs.

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