How to Build a Steel Airplane Hangar

Published January 15, 2014 by Whirlwind Team

Steel Airplane HangarAirplanes represent a significant investment in time and money. Providing a safe and protected place to store and maintain them is crucial. With a steel airplane hangar to live in, your plane will remain in great shape for years to come.

Consider these requirements and options as you design your hangar.

Location, Location, Location

Yes, the old realtor’s saw is correct. You need to select the right location for the hangar if you do not already own or lease one. Obviously, you need plenty of space for the hangar itself, the apron, runway and other land considerations.

More importantly, the location must be zoned for such use. Check with your local building code authority to make certain the zoning, noise and pollution regulations allow your building. Next, check for all needed utilities such as electricity, water, waste disposal and other services. Look into the availability of emergency services as well.

Define Your Needs

Determine what you need your hangar to do now and in the foreseeable future:

  • The wingspan and tail height of the plane(s) you plan to house. This will determine the size requirements for the hangar door.
  • Space for maintenance and repair.
  • Warehousing.
  • Office or administrative space.
  • Facilities space: HVAC units, etc.

The Whole Buildings Design Guide website contains a ton of information about building types and designs. This is a great resource, not just for this project, but for any other.

The design guide lays out airplane hangars with five domains corresponding to the needs listed above. With information from the guide and from your building manufacturer you can make the best choices for your project.

Steel Construction

Why steel?

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost effectiveness

Steel buildings, when constructed properly, last for decades with little maintenance. They are proof against high winds, seismic disturbances and hail as well as most other weather phenomena.

If and when you need to expand, you can easily add onto a steel building to create any type of additional space you may need, from another area to store planes to additional facilities areas. Maybe you began with a single plane hangar and have decided to expand into a business. You can add more administrative space and warehousing with little fuss.

Steel is also one of the most cost effective materials you can use for your building project. Beyond the ease of maintenance, steel building kit prices have become very affordable for every price and size range. These kits can be customized by the manufacturer to meet the specific requirements of your project. This means construction time is decreased since the kit will provide all parts without the need for cutting or forming.

A steel airplane hangar will serve to protect your investment for many years and allow you the freedom of the skies without worrying about the weather on the ground during down time. It also keeps you out of the elements during those times when you need to perform maintenance and repairs. And if this is your life’s work, you have the comfort of knowing your business is under a sturdy roof.

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